AIRAH Publications

DA1                      Centrifugal Pumps

DA2                       Noise control Part 1 and 3

DA8                       HVAC & R – An Introduction

DA9                       Airconditioning Systems – Design Manual (including DA9a Design Weather Data)

DA13                     Fans – Selection and Application

DA16                     Water Piping

DA18                     Water Treatment

R3                        Design Temperature Data for Australia



Fibreflow Cooling Towers adheres to the following list of Australian Standards.

AS1157                  Methods of Testing Materials for Resistance to Fungal Growth

AS1217                  Methods of Measurement of Airborne Sounds Emitted by Machines

AS1318                  SAA Industrial Safety Colour Code

AS1345                  Identification of the Contents of Piping, Conduits and Ducts

AS1357                  Water Valves for Use with Unvented Water Heaters

AS1470                 Health and Safety at Work

AS1489                 Sawn Boards from Radiata Pine

AS1530                 Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components and Structures

AS1604                 Preservative Treatment for Sawn Timber, Veneer and Plywood

AS1657                  Fixed Platforms, Walkways and Ladders

AS1668                 Pt2 – The Use of Mechanical Ventilation and Airconditioning in Buildings

AS1718                  Copper Alloy Draw-Off Taps, Stop Taps and Ferrule or Main Taps for use in Water Supply and Hot Water Services

AS1720                 Timber Engineering

AS2239                 Galvanic (Sacrificial) Anodes for Cathodic Protection

AS2345                 Dezincification Resistance of Copper Atoms

AS2638                 Cast Iron Sluice Valves for Waterworks Purposes

AS2865                 Safe Work in a Confined Space

AS3500                 National Plumbing and Drainage Code Pts. 1 & 4

AS3666                 Air Handling and Water Systems of Buildings – Microbial Control

AS3855                 Suitability of Materials for Plumbing and Potable Water Systems

AS4180.1              Drift Loss from Cooling towers. Laboratory Measurement – Chloride Balance Method

International Standards

American National Standard: ANSI/ASME PTCAtmospheric Water Cooling Equipment, Performance Test Codes, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, USA.

British Standard: BSI 1042: Section 1.1. Methods of Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits – Part 1 – Pressure Differential Devices, Section 1.1 – Orifice Plates, Nozzles and Venturi Tubes Inserted in Circular Cross Section Conduits Running Full British Standards Institution, London UK

British Standard: BSI1042 Section 2.1. Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Circuits, Part 2 – Velocity Area Method, Section 2.1 – Method Using Pitot Static Tubes British Standards Institution, London UK

British Standard: BSI4485, Part 2. Specification for Water Cooling Towers – Methods of test and Acceptance Testing, British Standards Institute, London USA

American Standard: CTI Code ATC 105. Acceptance Test Code for Water Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower Institute, Houston USA