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Fluid Coolers

Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers also known as closed circuit cooling towers are very similar to open circuit cooling towers except the PVC fill media is removed and a coil is inserted.  The water to be cooled is encased in a coil. A water recirculating pump is also mounted to the exterior. The coil material can be either Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, copper or stainless steel. They are primarily used in systems where the cooling fluid must remain pure and should not  be contaminated.

Applications for Fluid Coolers include foundries, compressor jacket cooling,  oil cooling etc. The recirculating water is sprayed over the coil. This water picks up heat from the coil and through evaporation transfers this heat load (total heat of rejection) into the water and ultimately the atmosphere. As the air is drawn through the unit, the water cools and collects in the cold water basin. This water is again circulated over the coil and the process continues.

Through heat transfer water is evaporated into the atmosphere and new fresh water is made up from local supply.

Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers are available in Forced Draft and Induced Draft.