We deal with Amarillo Gear Company, great features of their products include:

The drives Amarillo Gear Company LLC produces for cooling tower and air fin heat exchanger service reflect a long history of quality workmanship and reliability. Amarillo Gear has been designing and manufacturing right angle drives since 1934, and the commitment to excellence continues today. One example of this commitment is the availability of complete noise and vibration testing, with all data taken under full horsepower lading up to 500 hp.

The largest inventory of standard spiral bevel gears in the world, consisting of more sizes and ratios available off-the-shelf than any other gear company in the world

Over 90 years of spiral bevel gear and right angle gear drive engineering experience

A track record of over 60 years of right angle gear drive manufacturing experience

Spiral bevel manufacturing capabilities from 3″ to 100″ pitch diameter

The largest rotary type spiral bevel generator in the world.

Carburizing capability to 48″ and die quenching capacity of 44″ pitch diameter

Hard cutting capability from 28″ to 100″ pitch diameter

An impeccable reputation for quality products and customer-oriented service

The ability to supply a wide range of spiral bevel gears, either from our large inventory of our standard gears, modifications of our standard designs, or gears of customer design.

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