Crossflow Cooling Towers

We specialise in sales of cooling towers throughout Brisbane, Queensland and Australia. We can supply you with both crossflow and counterflow cooling towers.

What is a Crossflow Cooling Tower?

Crossflow cooling tower design is when the water travels vertically downwards over the cooling media and the air travels horizontally across the media.

Crossflow Cooling Towers

We carry a range of Fibreflow Crossflow Cooling towers.

Benefits of Crossflow Cooling Towers

  1. Low Height Construction
  2. Steel or composite structure
  3. Low pressure nozzles to reduce misting
  4. Stainless Steel fasteners standard
  5. Polyseter or Vinyl Ester based resins & gelcoat
  6. Air entry from ends on so can be butted hard together
  7. Low kW Axial Fan
  8. Quiet operation
  9. Full compliance to AS3666
  10. Thermal performance guaranteed
  11. Easy maintenance