Counterflow Cooling Tower

We specialise in sales of cooling towers throughout Australia and the Pacific Asai region.. We can supply you with both crossflow and counterflow cooling towers.

What is a Counterflow Cooling Tower?

Counterflow cooling tower design is when the water travels vertically downwards over the cooling media and the air travels vertically upwards over the media.

Counterflow Cooling Towers

We carry a range of Fibreflow Counterflow Cooling towers.

Benefits of Counterflow Cooling Towers

  1. Heavy Duty Construction Fully composite structure
    • Stainless Steel fasteners standard throughout the tower
  2. FRP Casing Panels
    • Isophthalic based resins & gelcoats
    • Superior corrosion & chemical resistance
    • Multiaxial stitched reinforcements
    • Greater strength and rigidity
    • Flowcoat finish, excellent UV resistance
    • Maintenance free
  3. Fan Drive System
    • Premium quality belts
    • FRP mechanical structure
    • Heavy-duty bearings
    • Adapted fan motor for operation in saturated conditions
  4. Low kW Axial Fan
    • Quiet operation
    • Corrosion resistant FRP
    • Lightweight
  5. Water Distribution System
    • Low pump head gravity distribution basin
    • Large orifice, non-clog nozzles
  6. Wet Deck Surface
    • Plastic material
    • Impervious to rot, decay and biological attack
    • Easily removable
  7. Inlet Louvre/Eliminator
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Easily removable
    • UV resistant plastic material or FRP
    • Fire resistant
  8. Cold Water Basin
    • Sloped cold water basin for easy cleaning
    • Suction strainer with anti-vortex hood
    • Adjustable water make-up assembly from inside the unit
  9. Removable Access Doors